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Whats with the weather around here?

With these cool days here in St. Louis towards the end of summer, it makes you wonder. Well, here’s some more articles on weather to make you ponder some more.

While it cool here in the midwest, “Texas Drought Produces Long, Active Fire Season” by Rick Jervis at USA Today lets us know that not everyone is so lucky.

 Then there’s the story out west entitled “California Firefighters’ Mission Is Far From Local” by Sabrina Shankman at the Wall Street Journal. The sad thing is that the fires continue to rage.   “Los Angeles Wildfires Fueled by HeatMary Milliken at Reuters via ENN  is just one of many stories to come out in the last few days.

And if you think that you need to get away from all this, don’t head to Greece as “Thousands Flee as Fires Rage in Greece” by Demetris Nellas from the Associated Press (courtesy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch) tells another tale of yet another fire. This one half way around the world.

Now, not to add fuel to the fire but here’s a scary story on a topic near and dear to my eldest son’s heart, tornadoes. You think a good old fashion tornado is something to be afraid of, check out “Fire Tornadoes Make Forest Fires Even More Deadly” by Mark Wheeler at Discovery Magazine via EarthFirst. I think I’ll stick to being a librarian.

Finally, we have this story in which while it talks about an event that happened thirty years ago and it may not be exactly weather related, it no doubt affected our weather way back when. It’s entitled “Clash over Rebirth of Mt St. Helens” by  Cornelia Dean at the New York Times.



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