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Note to self: empty the humidifier

It took all summer but the humidity is still alive and well in St. Louis. With the weather on my mind and the climate change conference in Copenhagen, here are a few articles for your casual reading.

First up, a topic of hot debate is brought up in this first article entitled “Arctic Geological Record Correlates Warming to Man” by Thomas H. Maugh II at the L.A. Times via the Environmental News Network.

Then there was this article at National Geographic that points to the same topic. It’s entitled “Next Ice Age Delayed by Global Warming, Study Says” by Christine Dell’Amore.

Finally, here are two more articles on climate change that have been published lately entitled “Long-Term Cooling Trend in Arctic Abruptly Reverses, Signaling Potential For Sea Rise”  at Science Daily and “Artic May Be Changed Forever, Study Finds” by Andrea Thompson at Live Science.

Tomorrow I’ll post a couple of articles on some of the consequences scientist are seeing from climate change and Friday some articles on possible solutions being offered.



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