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So what to do?

Here are a few of the solutions being tossed about. Besides cutting our planets emissons of course.

A couple of the most talked about are in the articles “Save Forests, Wetlands to Fight Climate Change: Study” by Madeline Chambers over at Reuters via Scientific American and “Geoengineering Schemes Shouldn’t be Dismissed Out of Hand, Scientist Say” at the Grist.

 A couple of the less discussed ones are in the articles “Does Pollution Actually Fight Global Warming?” by Lea Bogdan at Inhabitat and “Global Warming Versus the Volcano: Could Eruptions Slow Climate Change?” Brian Merchant at Treehugger.  Definitely food for thought.

Finally, I guess those ideas don’t pass the mustard, we should start looking to the sun with articles like “How Sunlight Controls Climate” by David Biello at  Scientific American and “Small Fluctuations In Solar Activity, Large Influence On Climate” at Science Daily.

Until the sun comes up again-


Green Librarian