While we’re on the topic of the ocean and…

Since the ocean is home to one of my favorite animals, the sea turtle, I thought hey, here are a few articles I’ve compiled on them lately.

This first one is some good news to one of the sea turtles most dangerous foes, man. It’s entitled “Ruling on Longline Fishing Aids Turtles” by Cornelia Dean at the New York Times. It’s about time.

These next three (yes, three) are all about one of our sea turtle friends in particular, the Hawskbill and all written by Rhishja Larson at EcoWorldly. They are “849 Endangered Hawksbill Turtles Rescued in Vietnam“, “Rangers of Indonesia’s Thousand Islands Marine Park Work in Isolation to Monitor Hawksbill Turtle Nests” and  “Performance-Based Conservation ProgramHelping Hawksbill Turtles in Nicaragua“.

We also have one article on another sea turtle, this one the Olive Ridley entitled “Brunei Releases Olive Ridley Turtle Fitted with Transmitter“, again by Rhishja Larson at EcoWorldly.

For those of you (like me) who don’t have a favorite, we have one more article for you called “Bahamas Outlaws Killing of All Sea Turtles” . Yes, again at EcoWorldly but this time by Derek Markham.

Finally, a little closer to home,we have just another example of our our friends remain imperiled. The article is “Miami Beach’s Sea Turtles Threatened by It’s People”. It shows us how there is still work to be done to help them.



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