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Where the river runs to it

While I think back to the times I was lucky enough to visit the ocean, I think the next best place to be is near a river. In that sense, I am very lucky as I live (and work) near one of the most amazing rivers around, the Mississippi. So that maybe why I so dislike dams and when I saw this article this morning, I knew it was time to write a post on dams.

First up, this article over at the New York Times entitled “Plan Outlines Removal of Four Dams on Klamath River in Oregon and California” by Jesse McKinley. All I can say is it’s getting closer. Yea!

Next up, this article on another dam gone bad (hopefully before it ever gets built) in “Japan Election Results: Yamba Dam Project Suspended” by at Treehugger. Again, Yea!

Finally, while some feel the damage to wildlife can be immense due to dams, sometimes they can also hurt people as evident in “Decaying Soviet Infrastructure Shows It’s Era” by Andrew E. Kramer, also at the New York  Times.

Let our rivers go!


Green Librarian