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As the kids and I were out getting dinner tonight, we happen to be discussing the probability for an earthquake here in St. Louis and while it is probably low, I came across this article on more an area in which the probability is much higher.

Check out “More Than 50 New Earthquake Faults Discovered in California” by Rhonda Winter via the LA Times. While it’s true that the probability is probabily low here in St. Louis, we do have the good old New Madrid fault down south (not to scare my daughter but, my oldest son brought it up anyway).

And to follow up on my post this week on volcanoes,  check out these volcanoes in “Ancient Asphalt Domes Discovered Off California Coast” at Science Daily.

I think I’ll stay in St. Louis-

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Earthquakes, tsunamis and homework oh my!

Every time I turn around, there’s another assignment due in one of my classes. While I wrote this draft back at the beginning of the month and evey though mother nature is not currently at it again, I thought I would complete my train of thoughts here.

The first article here is one that kind of started this whole process. It’s entitled “A Deadly Quake in a Seismic Hot Zone” by Henry Fountain at the New York Times. It also has some very cool maps.

Speaking of maps, here’s another article (actually about a map from the NOAA). It’s entitled “Crazy Tsunami Maps from NOAA-And You Thought the Recent Chili EarthQuake was Bad…” by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger.  

And speaking of Tsunami’s, although this hasn’t happened, it’s a scary thought. Check out “When Will a Mediterranean Tsunami Hit Italy?” by Richard Fisher at the New Scientist.

Now back to the earthquake in Chile. Here’s another article from the New York Times by Alexei Barrionuevo. This one’s entitiled “The Sea, Lifeblood of Chilean Towns, Turns Deadly“.

And finally, here’s one last map on regions around the world in which  the subject  is earthquakes. It’s entitled “Disaster Awaits Cities in Earthquake Zones” by Johan Spanner and yes again it’s from the New York Times.


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