So you can have your (birthday) cake and..

After making my son a birthday cake of a hurricane (Hurricane Evan, named after him of course), I must say it’s been quite depressing the last week or so reading article after article on the oil spill in a region best know for it’s last catastrophe, Hurricane Katrina.

To give you a good definition of what this ecosystem is all about, check out the Encyclopedia of Earth’s website today with their featured article “Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem“.

Then to get an idea of what will happen as a result, read the interview entitled “Nancy Rabalais on Impact of Gulf Oil Spill on Fish, Shrimp, Sea Turtles” over at EarthSky. It really gets to the heart of the matter.

Then to see the beginning of what this will all bring, go to “First look at oil washing up on Alabama shores” from Shea Gunther at the Mother Nature Network courtesy of Treehugger’s Briant Merchant. This is just so, so sad.

Finally, just to keep hope alive, we’ve got two (sort of)  hopeful stories on this spill. Theyare “One (Sort of) Positive Thing in Cleaning Up the Oil Spill: At Least We’ve Got Warm Water on Our Side” by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger and “Nature Fighting Back Against Gulf Oil Spill” at National Geographic.

Here’s hoping!

Green Librarian

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