The sun is shining, the tank is clean…

Okay, it’s a quote from the movie “Nemo”, which my kids watched this past weekend and it got me thinking. Then I saw this post about a Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle named Will over at the Gulf Restoration Network website and anyway, you get the point.

First up, let’s start with a small science lesson. How much water do we have in our oceans? The answer can be found in the article “Ocean’s Depth and Volume Revealed” over at Live Science.

Now that we know the answer, lets take a look at what’s happening in our oceans. Even before the “Oil Spill”, we’ve already done our fair share of damage to the oceans and the post entitled “We’re Taking 100 Million Tons of Sear Creatures From the Ocean & Replacing Them with Plastic: Sylvia Earle”  by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger says it all.

Finally,  for the latest we have “Loop Current Now Dragging Gulf Oil Disaster Towards Florida Keys Updated“, again by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger.


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