Rain, rain go away….

Well, it did go away just in time for the kids end of the school year picnic. So as school winds down for them (and for me, it wound down last week), lets try to end this work week on a positive note.

Just a couple of posts here kids and getting them outside. The first one was over at the Wall Street Journal entitled “Can Dirt Do a Little Good?” by Melinda Beck. Ivote yes.

To prove this point (okay, this is a little less positive) check out “Rising Levels of Dioxins from Common Soap Ingredient in Mississippi River, Study Finds” over at Science Daily.

Finally, back to the positive. While it’s not really a lot in today’s economy, at least it’s something. Check out how the U.S. Forest Service is getting involved in getting kids out in “U.S. Government Spends $500,000 to Get ‘More Kids in the Woods“” by Warren McLaren at Treehugger.

With the stars out tonight as the skys clear and with an outlook of sunny days ahead, you can bet I’ll be outside this weekend with the kids.

Sunny Days!

Green Librarian

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