Stones abound

I was just sitting here writing an e-mail to my son’s couselor as his class gets ready to head to 6th grade camp next week, telling her about a couple of his habits.

As a child who is autistic, he is prone to doing repetative things and one of them is when he’s out in nature to pick up rocks but then I got to thinking, I encourage all my kids to do it. I do it and my dad did it when he was around.

In fact, when we head to our cabin in Minneasota each summer from St. Louis, there’s nothing I enjoy more than picking up a few stones to bring back home so that’s why when I was re-reading “Acadia Park Cracks Downon Rock Thieves” by Katie Zezima in the New York Times I got a little sad.

I understand that maybe picking up rocks to build a stone walkway¬† is one thing but I’ve always been a person who picks up little stones that I find beautiful to remind me of a place. While I know that as my daughter say’s “nature stays with nature” that those precious stones I picked up (like those this summer) will one day indeed return to nature.

So if that’s autistic, so be it. Maybe we all are, each in our own way and I for one am proud of it.


Green Librarian

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