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I get a little worried when we start to count things. To see how many we have, do we have too little or too many? With that said, when I saw the numerous articles, including this one over at the Wall Street Journal entitled “Census Uncovers Oceans’ Deep Secrets” by Gautam Naik at the Wall Street Journal,  I got worried again. I can hear, it now,” the oceans are fine”.

Sailing, sailing-


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The big blue ocean

As I am now reading “The World is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean’s Are One” by Sylvia A. Earle, I thought this article from a while back in the New York Times Magazine by Paul Greenberg entitled “Tuna’s End” would be an appropriate read.

Headed south

As the warm weather heads south, I’m reminded of the monarchs and their migration south. With that in mind, here are a couple of articles, one good and one not so good, on our friends the monarchs.

First up we have “Monarch Butterfly” over at the Encyclopedia of Earth. It’s a very good informational overview of our winged friends.

The other article “Monarchs No Longer Rule” by Elizabeth Weise at USA Today talks about some of the uphill battles that monarchs are facing today. 


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I can hear them in my head 500 miles away

Every summer when we head north to our family cabin in Minnesota, there is nothing more comforting than the sound of loons early in the morning. In fact, this morning my daughter was asking when we’re going back again and that is why I hope we still hear them.

This first article, entitled “Legendary Loons, Northern Icons” by Dr. Reese Halter at Mother Nature Network is a really nice article about the history of Loons. The other article, “Will Gulf Oil Disaster Threaten Minnesota’s State Bird?” by Dave Dempsey at Ecolizer is just another example of how far-reaching the affects of the gulf oil disaster will be.


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