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All rivers lead to one

This article on the St. Louis River Confluence entitled “Region’s Waterways Have a Dedicated Advocate” by Stephen Deere at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reminded me of another organization,the Mississippi River Basin Alliance. Unfortunately, their website no longer works but on the upside, I keep checking the river each summer with my kids at the Mississippi Headwaters.

Keep on flowing-

Green Librarian

As we wait for rain

As the wait for rain continues this week, it got me to thinking about the water down south and in particular, that in the gulf. That said, this article came across my desk last week and it too got me to thinking about the water down south too. The article is “Cleanup and Questions Continue: Scientists Are Wary of Predictions, but fishermen Are Grim” by Campbell Robertson and John Collins Rudolf at the New York Times.

Meanwhile, we wait for rain.




Green Librarian