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Feels like spring

So okay, it’s not spring but with winter solstice behind us and the sun out the last couple of days, it reminds me of spring which in turn has gotten me to think about gardening. So with that in mind, here are a couple of nice articles on the subject of gardens.

First up, there is a nice story on community gardens over at the Grist entitled “Jenga Mwendo Grows Community in New Orleans” by Paula Crossfield at the Grist. The other story is a littler closer to home for me and actually more about the end results of a garden entitled “North Side Grocery Aims High” by Georgina Gustin at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Sunny Days!

Green Librarian

As we welcome…

As we welcome the new year in here in Missouri, lets not forget to get ready to welcome the wild elk that are headed here as noted by Kathy Etling at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in “Wild Elk Here in Missouri is Closer to Reality”.


Green Librarian