Going back in time

First let me just say that my previous post Follow the Moon was in fact suppose to come before the one entitled “Funny how these things happen“. Oh well!

That said, going back again to the book I’m reading, Four Fish by Paul Greenberg,  I have come across another uplifting article on salmon entitled “Extinct Salmon Discover in Japanese Lake” by Julian Ryall at National Geographic.

That leads me to a couple of other articles on another of the four fish, Tuna. They are “Anglers Are in Dire Straits Along Istanbul’s Bosphorus” by Marc Champion at the Wall Street Journal and “Tuna’s End” by Paul Greenberg at the New York Times. I may have posted on this last article before but perhaps it bears repeating.

Interestingly enough, this last article falls under the subject of whales and whaling at the New York Times. Hmmm…


Green Librarian

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