Whale of a day

Okay, that’s not really funny but I couldn’t think of anything else and that leads me to my next post. The book I was reading (and have yet to finish) before Four Fish is The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea by Philip Hoare.

First up, reading this article brought back memories of the one time  I saw a whale off a ferry up near Cape Cod. The article is about the man who helped introduce whale watching John Olguin and is entitled “California Showman Pioneered Whale Watching as a Pasttime” by Stephen Miller at the Wall Street Journal.

Second, we have an article actually about those whales up in Cape Cod (almost straight out of Philip Hoare’s book), “No ‘Moby-Dick’: A Real Captain, Twice Doomed” by Jesse McKinley at the New York Times.

Finally, while this article is about a pod of Orca’s, it also makes the point that the name Killer Whales is incorrect. It’s entitled “Killer Whales Spotted Near San Francisco” by Jake Richardson at Care2.

I would also add that  this article shows  us how all ecosystems are interrelated. The book Four Fish talks about the relationship between salmon and humans while in Jakes article we see how  Orca’s and others in our oceans, also have a relationship with these fish.

Happy Whale Watching!

Green Librarian

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