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As Japan continues to make headlines with the article entitled “6.5-magnitude quake hits off Japan, local tsunami warningover Yahoo today, many throughout the world worry.

This is evident in the article published last week entitlte “Blindsided by Ferocity Unleased by a Fault” by Kenneth Chang at the New York Times.

We also see their anxiety in this piece over in the  Weekend Art section of the New York Times entitled  “Anxiety on the Fault Line: Taking the Cute Out of Japan” by Holland Cotter.  


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Roadblock to migration

On a follow up to yesterday’s post, here’s an interesting article on one of the issues facing migration. The article is “Thinking Anew About a Migratory Barrier: Roads” by Jim Robbins at the New York Times.


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Migratory ways

Like my daily migration from home to work and back, here are a couple of articles on the topic plus a link to last night’s Nature show on PBS.

One of the biggest stories this past year was talk on a possible road through Serengeti National Park and how it would disrupt the Wildebeest migration. Check out “Road Through Serengeti National Park Will Kill Annual WildebeestMigration: Richard Leakey” by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger.

On a note closer to home (as I mentioned in an earlier post on Loons in Minnesota), we should begin to see the results of this years migrations after winter as discussed about in “Migratory Birds Flying Right Into Oily Morass” by Judy Keen at USA Today.

Last but not least, I was going to mention the show I saw last night on the PBS show Nature but when I went to find the link, I saw a second show I watched a couple of months ago that also speaks to the topic of migration.

The one I watched last night was called “Crash, the Tale of Two Species“which shows the story of  the interconnection of life when two different migrational paths cross paths. The other is “Broken Tail: A Tiger’s Last Journey“, which tells the story of a 100 mile journey taken by this Tiger and asks the question “why”? 

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Superstars continued

As I’ve been cleaning up my desk at home this spring, here are a couple of more green superstars that I’ve come across.

First up, there is this article entitled “Life List: New Book Details the Life of Webster Groves Phoebe Snetsinger the World’s Greatest Birder” by Don Corrigan at the Webster-Kirkwood Times.

The other is over at the Missouri Conservationist entitled “I am Conservation: Making a Difference at Maramec Springs” by Chris Canipe.

Good Green Stuff!

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