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Cicada Friday

Being Friday and all and after hearing my mom tell me how much my kids recently refused to eat they’re ice cream when she took them to an outdoor ice cream shop because of the cicadas, I thought I would post an article and a video on these musically inclined creatures.

First up, this article at my local news source, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Doug Moore entitled “Cicadas Give Us an Earful as They Flirt”.

The other is a music video that I came across here in St. Louis that Nashville singer/songwriter Kathy Ashworth’s put out on cicadas entitled “Sicka Cicadas” over at YouTube.

That’s about it for a hot and sticky end to the work week.



Green Librarian

The river shes a rising

Here are a just a couple of articles on the recent river trouble here in the midwest.

The first one relates to our most recent news, the waters on the Missouri river and it’s entitled “Concern Deepens with River” by Bill Lambrecht and Mark Schlinkmann at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The other one talks about decision a couple of weeks ago about blowing a hole in one of the levee’s on the Mississippi and it’s entitled “After the Flood, Farmers Try to Dig In” by Joe Barrett at the Wall Street Journal. It’s really so sad.


Green Librarian