Rain, rain…

So while the Cicadas moved on, the rain has not. Everyday there seems to be another article on the Missouri while just a few weeks ago they were all about the Mississippi. Anyway, here are just a few.

One article that might be worth reading or re-reading would be “Officials in Louisiana Face Dilemma: Bad Flooding or Worse” by Campbell Robertson at the New York Times. He then wrote a follow up article a couple of weeks later entitled “Hopes Rise in South as Waters Do Not”.

The the rain, the articles just keep coming. The first article that sort of foreshadowed the future was “Missouri Flood is Waiting in the Wings” by Tim O’Neil at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Then in a couple of weeks, they started coming almost daily. First we had “As Swollen Missouri Keeps Rising, River Towns Bolster Flood Defenses”, again at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch via the Associated Press.

Next came  these two articles, “Rain is Key to Flooding Here” again by Tim O’Neil at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch followed by “Rising Missouri River Breaches more Levees” at the Seattle-Times (among others) and again via the Associated Press by Heather Hollingsworth”

The latest floods are now in North Dakota with one of yesterday’s headlines being “In North Dakota City, River’s Threat Renewed” by A.G. Sulzberger at the New York Times.

What is even scarier is the discussion brought up in the article “Runaway Rivers” over at the Mother Nature Network regarding California.

Finally, in case we thought the only ones affected by the floods were humans, we have “Antelope Stranded by Mont. Floodwaters” by Dan Vergano at USA Today.


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