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Do you ever just want to crawl into a hole?

When I saw this first article, it reminded me of when I was a kid. We have a cave that I remember crawling into and I must say as an adult, they are still a bit intriguing. That said, here are a couple of articles on where to find a hole.

First up, we have “Entering Darkness” by Sam Anderson over at the New York Times.  This is the article that got me thinking about my childhood.

The other article is actually entitled “New Cave Photos: Inside Gabon’s Longest Mapped Cave” and over at National Geographic with photos by Trevor Frost. Wow!

Into the Darkness!


Green Librarian

What comes around goes around

Interesting how things sort of do that for me a lot. I requested a couple of books on the topic of Nature Deficit Disorder, which is also the topic of the  book I’m reading now, “The Nature Principle” by Richard Louv.

In turn, the first book I requested “Birds”,  is written by the same author of another book we’ve read “My Garden”, both by Kevin Henkes.

Now before getting off this merry-go-round,  I also requested the book “Bird, Butterfly, Eel” by James Prosek who also happen to write the book “Eels: An Exploration, From New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the World’s Most Amazing and Mysterious Fish”, a book on my list of things to read this summer.

Coming around!

Green Librarian