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As the leaves begin to fall

As somebody who truly enjoys trees, this event sounds like a lot of fun. The article is entitled “On The Hunt – For Trees” by Don Corrigan at the Webster-Kirkwood Times.


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Dam the torpedoes (and not the rivers)…

This is a topic that has always been near and dear to my heart and in honor of the latest dam removal on the Elwha River up in the northwest, here are a few articles on dams.

First up, “Removing Barriers to Salmon Migration” by William Yardly over at the New York Times. What a great story!

Meanwhile, here’s an article on one many hopes is not built entitled “Plan for Hydroelectric Dam in Patagonia Outrages Chileans” by Slexei Barrionuevo also at the New York Times.

And unfortunately, here’s an article on one that while new, already has problems entitled “China Admits Problems with Three Gorges Dam” by Michael Wines again at the New York Times.

Despite that, lets end here with another nice article on the Elwha. It talks about what removing a dam can perhaps teach us all with “Dam Removal Teaches Nature Students” by Jake Richardson at Care2.

Full Steam Ahead!


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Birds of a feather flock together

Now while I don’t pretend to totally understand that little saying, it reminds me that I am just about done with the book Feathers by Thor Hanson and have learned a great deal about our feathered friends.

So with that said, here are two articles about our feathered friends, one happy and one sad. First the good news.

Over at my local paper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch we have this happy story entitled “Purlple Martins Are Finding Homes Here” by Margaret  Gillerman. Yea!

Unfortunately we also have this sad story of  “A City of Glass Towers, and a Hazard of Migratory Birds” by Lisa Foderaro  especially as migration season starts to pick up.

Take care my feather friends!

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