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Tired Friday

As I sit here tired from an afternoon fire drill in which we had to go down twenty-two flights of stairs, I’m reminded of my age. Like recovering from that exercise, I came across an article recently that remind me that there are lots of things that just take time.

I’ve been following the story of whether they were going to take down a dam on the Elwha river out west for quite some time now. I found the answer just recently in this article by Kim Todd over at the High Country News entitled “Rebuilding a river as Washington’s Elwha dams come down”.

Good reading for a tired body.


Green Librarian

Pumpkins and birds

I must say this past weekend was a lot of fun.  So instead of offering a couple of articles or even a video, I thought I would offer up a couple of links, one to our local pumpkin farm and one to an organization that helps out our friends the birds.

First the kids and I went out to our local farm,  called Stuckmeyer’s, to pick out their pumpkins and while didn’t stay as long as usual, we all had a good time. My oldest son found his right away (as usual) and then he helped my youngest son find his pretty quick. Even my daughter, who usually spends quite a bit of time looking for that one that just speaks to her met up with her perfect pumpkin on the early side.

Then on Sunday we went to the World Bird Sanctuary where they celebrated twenty years of wonderful work. We played bingo, spin the wheel, colored some birds and even had some good deserts and picked up some mums to go along with our pumpkins, all while supporting this amazing organization.

Next week, we’re going to go out to another of our great resources, Powder Valley Nature Center (one of our state parks) and celebrate with them.


Green Librarian

Tweet, tweet

I have to say that I never thought I would say that, at least not outloud. So I thought I would post an article and a link to a book on a topic that as of late, has been on my radar, birds (and feathers and nest).

The article on bird watching was in my local paper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Susan Weich and is entitled “Center in St. Louis bird flyway aims to attract nature-loving tourists.

The book is one that I actually just got today at the library entitled “Avian architecture : how birds design, engineer & build” by Peter Goodfellow.

Chirp, chirp!


Green Librarian

As the leaves fall

When I started to prepare for the Mini Tree Hunt here in St. Louis as per my previos post, I came across a couple of other articles on trees that I thought I would share.

The first is “Hunters Have Unusual Aim: Big Trees” by Dennis Cauchon at USA Today.

The other, from earlier this year, is entitled “A Labor of Wonder:Mapping 19,993 Trees in Central Park” by Liz Robbins at the New York Times.

Which leads me to wonder, have the trees in our own Forest Park here in St. Louis ever been mapped?


Green Librarian