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Speaking of my kids

My daughter Gwen loves huskies and so in honor of her, I read a great article last night about one Siberian Husky in particular named Winnie. Now for those of you familiar with the sled-dog race, the Idatrod up in Alaska, this is a story not only about Winnie but also about two other husky’s, Balto and Togo and their role in the history of that race. The article is entitled “Spirit of a Racer in a Dog’s Blood” by Stephanie Clifford at the New York Times.


Green Librarian

My thoughts turn to summer (despite the weather)

As my kids begin to talk about our family cabin up in northern Minnesota, my thoughts turn to summer vacation. So in keeping with that same train of thought, here’s a nice article about a farmer in the small town of Okabena in southern Minnesota over at Care2 entitled “Returning Farmeland to Nature in Minnesota” by Chris via Newslook. There is also a nice little video with it from National Geographic.


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