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Citizen Scientists

I never thought I would be saying this about my youngest but the other day he was creating a small Scientist Kit to play with so for him I have this great article entitled “Citizen Scientists” by Amy Dockser Marcus at the Wall Street Journal. This is for all those scientist creating their own Scientist Kit.

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Our home

My kids have always enjoyed looking at the other planets as we gaze out into the sky but this article over at the New York Times entitled “The Enigma 1,800 Miles Below Us” by Natalie Angier at the New York Times was a great read about our own home, planet Earth.

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On my way

On my way to work this morning I came across a mother robin sitting in her nest (up in the roof of the Metrolink stop where I catch a ride) and watched a rabbit skipping across the tracks, so this article seemed very appropriate. It’s entitled “Ball(park) Hawks” by Susan Weich in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this morning.

Nature is everywhere if you look hard enough.



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Zoo’s today

Okay, after seeing this article, I just had to add it. It’s entitled “To Save Some Species, Zoos Must Let Others Die” by Leslie Kaufan at the New York Times. Very sad story.



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Hot, cold, hot, cold

So once again our weather here goes back down closer to spring, following summer, then spring, then summer, anyway you get the point. Meanwhile, I’ve seen numerous articles in my local paper regarding various species and how this affects the climate around us and indirectly our habitat.

On the up side we have “Global Warming Benefits Once Rare Butterfly” by Seth Borenstein via the Associated Press.

However, on the flip side there is “Smog Damaging Sequoia Trees” by Tracie Cone, again via the Associated Press.

While in between and half way around the world there is “Britain Hopes for Bee Revival” by Meera Selva and yet once again via the Associated Press.

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Life at the beach

Okay, this one couldn’t wait, I don’t know why. I think beachcombing is something I would love to do, even if I didn’t get paid for it. Anyway, it’s apparently a hobby or job that’s going by the wayside as it were. Check out “Dutch Beachcombers – A Dying Breed”, again from Chris at Newslook.

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Deja Vu

When I saw this story over at Yahoo! this morning, “New Mexico wildfires merge; blazes rage in five states” from Reuters, I immediately thought of Philip Conners book (which I wrote about earlier), Fire Season: Field Notes from a Wilderness Lookout.

Keep good thoughts!


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