Butterflies & more

I have to say we saw lots of butterflies during our “Butterflies on the Wing” excursion, unfortunately not quite the variety that I think our guides thought we were going to see. We did however, see lots of other animals including a ribbon snake, a toad, a fox (at least part of it), several beetles, deer,  and numerous species of birds.

Overall, my kids had a great time though at times my oldest would have rather been somewhere else, like watching NASCAR.  So with that said, here are a couple of articles on some of the animals we saw.

First up there is this article over at Science Daily entitled “Monarch Butterfly Migration Mystery Deepens”. what an amazing journey.

Then, for the beetle lovers out there, I have this interesting artilce, “Zoologger: Infrared-sensing beetles born in fire” over at NewScientist. On our adventure this past weekend, we had a herbatologist who was able to educate us on the different beetles we saw along the way.

Finally, while we didn’t see a lot of tracks on that day (except a few deer tracks), here’s an article about that topic. It’s entitled “Get Kids Outside:Tracking” by Matt Miller at the Nature Conservancy.



Green Librarian


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