Bowl full of feathers

On our adventure last weekend, we also found several things including a complete mussle shell and a feather from which someone stated that it could have been from either a hawk or turkey. With that said, here are a couple of articles on birds. I also found another one of the articles I have on beetles.

First up is the article “Study Sheds Light on How Birds Navigate by Magnetic Field” by James Gorman at the New York Times.

Along with that comes this article from St. Louis Post-Dispatch on one of our local endangered species entitled “Biologist turn old barges into nesting area for endangered birds” by Susan Weich.

Finally, here’s an article on the first insect to be declared an endangered species, the American burying beetle. It’s entitled “Meet the beetles-again” by Diane Toroian Keaggy again at our local newspaper.

Fly away!


Green Librarian


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