Closer to home

While forest fires are blazing across the west, much closer to home we have our own, albeit much smaller. You can read about here in “Mark Twain Forest Fire Partly Contained” at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch via the Associated Press.

With all of these forest fires going on, I found this article intriguing the other day on the future of forests worldwide.  It’s entitled “Africa’s Savannas May Become Forests by 2100, Study Suggests” at Science Daily. So does that mean we’re looking at savannas here?

I the flip side of that though, I found these two articles on forests of the past. The first of which I think I’ve read about before. It’s entitled  “An Underground Fossil Forest Offers Clues on Climate Change” by W. Barksdale Maynard at the New York Times. The second one was “Antarctica Used to Have Trees & Vegetation” by Molly from Tree Hugger via Care2.

Either way, here’s looking for some shade!


Green Librarian


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