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Second Season

When I saw this article, I knew I still had a chance and so this weekend, I’m going to give it one more chance. Here’s my inspiration, it’s entitled “Second Season Planting Offer a Second Chance at a Vegetable Garden this Year” By Ramon Gonzalez at Treehugger.

Another article that is giving me a nice swift kick is “16 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Garden” by Maria Rodale at Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen.

Finally, when I heard this week’s Earthworms show (with  guest gardener Janisse Gardener) by Jean Ponzi over at 88.1 KDHX, I said that’s it. Now what should I plant?

Happy Gardening!


Green Librarian

Pieces of summer

These are just a few articles that I’ve been meaning to post since last week but just haven’t found the time, until now.

The first one is yet another article on family trees entitled “What People Owe Fish: A Lot” by Natalie Angier at the New York Times. I’m gonna have to check out Your Inner FIsh by Neil Shubin.

The next one is on my daughter’s favorite topic, horses. The article is “Herd’s Fate Lies in Preservation Clash” byLaura Beil, again at the New York Times. I think I know where my daughter stands on this.

This last article relates to a tradition that the kids I have, looking for frogs. We usually do it in the spring (with the Missouri Department of Conservation) but this sounds like fun too! The article is entitled “Mud, Fun and Frogs” by Matt Seek at Xplor Magazine.



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