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When a tree falls…

When I came home tonight from work, I noticed the tree in my neighbors front yard had been taken down. Now while it was probably for the best, it was still a sad sight. So in honor of that tree, here are a few recent articles on trees.

First up is this story about the country of Haiti and it’s trees, or lack of them, comes courtesy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch via the Associated Press and is entitled “Haiti Struggles with loss of woodlands” by Trenton Daniel.

Next up is “U.S. Forest mortality declines due to lack of food for mountain pine beetle” by Allison Winter at the Environmental News Network. I guess the drought doesn’t help either.

Finally, there is this “Fossil Forest May Sprout Again as the Artic Warms” by Jeanna Bryner over at LiveScience. So as the climate heats up and the droughts continue, we’ll have more trees? I’m confused.



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