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The big C

…as in Conservation. That’s the theme for today.

So first up, comes this article over at Care2 entitled “Urban Conservation: The Key to our Future” courtesy of the Nature Conservancy. It this article, we learn how conservation affects humankind in regard to our relationship with nature.

On the other side of the spectrum we how humankind has affected nature with a commentary at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Jeffrey P. Bonner. This article is entitled “Guest Commentary: Zoo’s Work to Save Endangered Species gets noticed”.

Finally, we have an article from James Gorman at the New York Times entitled “In Tennessee Building a Bat Cave to Battle a Plague“. It is the story of how the aforementioned group, the Nature Conservancy and how they are trying to make a difference. It this case, it’s with the struggle between bats and the white nose syndrome.

I guess the question is, how can we all make a difference?

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Green Librarian