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Coral reefs of the world, unite!

I came across an article today on the Great Barrier Reef with a very sad picture of it (taken in 1998) over at yahoo! and so since I’ve read several articles on the condition of the worlds reefs lately, I thought I put a few of them up here.

The first one is entitled “Majority of Coral Reefs at Risk Unless Climate Change is Halted” by Joshua Hill over at Planetsave. Along with this article are some amazing pictures that I think show why are reefs are so important.

This second article talks more about some of the regions where reefs exist. The article is “West African and Caribbean Seas Rank among the Unhealthiest” by Samuel Hinneh and Daniela Hirschfeld at the Science and Development Network via the Environmental News Network.

Now not to give up all hope, here are two article on a more positive note. The first one talks about a possible way in which scientist in the future might be able to predict  where corals will appear and is entitled “Coral Hotspots Found in Deepwater Canyons Off Northeast US Coast” at Science Daily.

The other article,” Urban Reef: Jason deCaires Taylor Creates an Underwater Suburbia to Revive Cancun’s Struggling Coral Reefs” by Beth Buczynski and is over at Inhabitat. It talks about how we humans can help, sometimes in very creative ways.



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