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The last of the 3 R’s

For the last couple of Wednesdays now, I’ve been trying to get my recycling bin out to the curb but since I have my kids that night, I’ve found it a task impossible to accomplish. Today however, I finally did it and so in honor of that, I’m posting a couple of articles on interesting recycling projects that I hope you’ll enjoy.

First up one up is for my daughter and is entitled “Amazing Modern Day Trojan Horse Made From Over 18,000 Salvaged Computer Keys” by Morgana Matus over at Inhabitat. You know, as I’m sitting here typing on a very sticky keyboard, I’m finding some of my own inspiration to do the same thing. Hmmm…

This other one is for my boys and actually sounds very cool, except for the fact that we already have an aquarium. It’s entitled “Old Phone Booths Transformed into Goldfish Tanks on the Streets of Osaka” by Lori Zimmer and is also over at Inhabitat. Talk about cool!



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