Coast to coast

While I live here, landlocked in the midwest, I have to say that the one place I would love to visit again (and take my kids) is either coast. I have vivid memories of walking along the beach out west in San Diego and picking up sand dollars. I was also fortunate enough to go out  east as an adult and walk along the beaches at Cape  Cod. So with  that said, here is a great kids book that I stumbled upon this afternoon at the library that is all about the ocean’s and it’s entitled “Bubble Homes and Fish Farts” by Fiona Bayrock. Now while I haven’t read it to my kids yet (as I don’t have them until tomorrow night) I’ve been skimming through it ant I have to say it looks great.

I also recently requested a film the other day and picked up today (which I haven’t seen yet) entitled “The End of the Line: Where Have all the Fish Gone?” by Rupert Murray. Now while the title appears depressing, I will have to let you know.

Finally, I came across this story over at Grist,  “Google Maps Now lets You Walk Around on the Ocean Floor“and while it’s a great story I’m still looking forward to the new book “Soundings: The Story of the Remarkable Woman Who Mapped the Ocean Floor” by Hali Felt.



Green Librarian

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