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Bird watching (and listening)

That’s what I was doing the other day when I decided to stop cleaning my gutters out and instead just take in all the sights and sounds of the neighborhood birds.  Watching crows fly high overhead while all the local sparrows were hanging outbelow at the local bird feeder in my neighbors backyard. Talk about hussle and bussle.

Now of course, this is also comes of reading the chapter “The Discourse of the Birds” in the book Becoming Animal by David Abram which talks about among other things, the five elemental phrases among perching birds which are the song, companion call, begging cries, male to male aggression calls and the alarm call.

Try as I might though, all I could seem to pick out on this warm fall day were the first two and while that’s not to say that there weren’t any of the last three but speaking strickly as an amateur on bird calls, getting one past me would have been a distinct possiblity. So with that I’ll simply add a little additional reading here about our amazing friends the birds with “To Birds, Storms Survival is Only Natural” by Natalie Angier over at the New York Times.

Chirping away!


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