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Rest in peace

I had a heavy heart when I read this piece, courtesy of the AP, at Yahoo! “Ailing Whale Washes Ashore at New York City Beach“. Rest in peace my friend.



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Christmas at home

Okay, so I know the tradition that sounds Mistletoe, I have to say I knew very little about the plant itself until I read “Beyond the Kiss, Mistletoe Helps Feed Forests, Study Suggests” by Alanna Mitchell at the New York Times. Maybe we’ll have some around next year.

Merry Christmas!


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Mighty Mississippi

Being a lover of the mighty Mississippi river and of it’s history as well, I thought the article “Low-water rivers offering up glimpse of history” by Jim Salter over at Yahoo! was great. While it’s a tragedy to what’s happening to the Mississippi, I always love learning something new about the this amazing river.  I think I might just have to take that long awaited walk down to the river sometime soon to check it out.

Flowing away!


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Perhaps mother nature is our greatest teacher

To follow up on an earlier post of mine entitled “Have we learned nothing from mother nature? ” perhaps we are learning, each and every day. It seems this  recent article entitled “In Island‘s Shifted Sands, Signs of a Hurricane’s Power” by Henry Fountain over at the New York Times gives us an answer that question.

Check it out!


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Whale of a story


OkayI have another story about whales but this timit was my son who came across it and bookmarked the story for me. Now he doesn’t know that blog really and I was blown away by the fact that when he saw the story on Yahoo!, he said to me that this is a story you would like dad. You see, he is autistic so one of his specialities is focusing on one topic (NASCAR usually) and it was great to see him do something for me because he thought I would like it. It just melted my heart!

Anyway, the article is “In rare natural event, mother right whale adopts orphaned calf” by Pete Thomas over at GrindTV. With that though, I’m gonna add one final article completely that while has a picture of a whale (see above), touches on another topic that has always been near and dear to my heart, the Nordic history. The article is entitled “A Deep Dive Into Nordic Folkways” by Julie Lasky at the New York Times.



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Okay, so here’s the Tic. I was on my facebook page and I saw this artwork that is done by my cousin Sunny Wood. They are whales and they are very cool! Here’s the picture:

Sunnyandthe Whales

For the Tac we have this article I read over at Live Science tonight entitled “Found: Whale Thought Extinct for 2 Million Years“. Like I said, whales are cool!

The Toe? Since my cousin lives up in Cape Cod, then it’s only fitting that I came across the article, “Sea Turtles Rescued on Cape Cod This Weekend” at the Environmental News Network. After all, turtles are one on my favorite animal, especially sea turtles.



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P.S. Now if I could only fit in this article, World’s rarest whales washed up on New Zealand beach at Earth Sky.

Just when your not looking

I’ve been holding onto this article for quite some time now, hoping to find the right time to post it and just when I thought no, it turns out, it is. The article is “Creatures of Cambrian May Have Lived On” by John Noble Wilford over at the New York Times. I decided to because I came across this article a coupe of weeks ago entitled “The Shells of Ocean Animals are Already Dissolving in Acidic Seas” by Philip Bump over at Grist.

Anyway, they both took me back to the book Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms: The Story of the Animals and Plants That Time Has Left Behind by Richard Fortey. It’s a great read. So before I dissolve, I’m going to go to bed.



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Have we learned nothing from mother nature?

So superstorm Sandy comes and goes and still we want to live on the coast. One of the worst droughts in the history of the midwest and still we continue  to dredge the Mississippi (or rebuild levees after a flood). We simply look for short-term solutions to long range problems.

The lastest example is after Superstorm Sandy. According to the article, “Resisted for Blocking the View, Dunes Prove They Blunt Storms” by Mireya Navarro over at the New York Times, people are looking for ways to protect themselves instead of trying to find solutions as to why this type of storm happened in the first place.

If that’s not enough, despite a continual lack on rain here in the midwest, engineers try to find temporary solutions for rivers with little water instead of looking for alternatives to the problem and more importantly, look to why this is happening. You can learn about this in Michael Winter at USA Todays article entitled “Mississippi River May Hit Record Low, Halt Traffic in December“.

Or, as in Iowa, they’re looking to using social media to rescue a levee in case the rivers flood again in the article “Can  Social Media Rescue Iowa Levee?Social Media can be great but do we need to use it for this? They’re just seems to be no pleasing everyone.

Carry on (or not)!

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