Okay, so here’s the Tic. I was on my facebook page and I saw this artwork that is done by my cousin Sunny Wood. They are whales and they are very cool! Here’s the picture:

Sunnyandthe Whales

For the Tac we have this article I read over at Live Science tonight entitled “Found: Whale Thought Extinct for 2 Million Years“. Like I said, whales are cool!

The Toe? Since my cousin lives up in Cape Cod, then it’s only fitting that I came across the article, “Sea Turtles Rescued on Cape Cod This Weekend” at the Environmental News Network. After all, turtles are one on my favorite animal, especially sea turtles.



Green Librarian

P.S. Now if I could only fit in this article, World’s rarest whales washed up on New Zealand beach at Earth Sky.

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