Whale of a story


OkayI have another story about whales but this timit was my son who came across it and bookmarked the story for me. Now he doesn’t know that blog really and I was blown away by the fact that when he saw the story on Yahoo!, he said to me that this is a story you would like dad. You see, he is autistic so one of his specialities is focusing on one topic (NASCAR usually) and it was great to see him do something for me because he thought I would like it. It just melted my heart!

Anyway, the article is “In rare natural event, mother right whale adopts orphaned calf” by Pete Thomas over at GrindTV. With that though, I’m gonna add one final article completely that while has a picture of a whale (see above), touches on another topic that has always been near and dear to my heart, the Nordic history. The article is entitled “A Deep Dive Into Nordic Folkways” by Julie Lasky at the New York Times.



Green Librarian

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