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The three R’s

Now this story takes the three R’s to the extreme. It took me back a couple of years ago when my son and I were on our way home when we passed these two old gasometers. Now what’s a gasometer you ask, well there is a page entitled “Gas Holder” via Wikipedia that will give you a basic idea.

Anyway, when we drove by these two huge buildings, my son got very upset after I told him about the city’s plan to demolish them.  When we finished talking though, we decided to write a letter to the editor (which you can find here).

Despite that, they were still dismantled but recently I came across this story over at Inhabitat about some gasometers in Vienna that have become a beautiful city within a city. Check it out in the article “Gigantic Coal Gasometers Transformed into Thriving Communities in Vienna” by Diane Pham.



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