Stars and dogs

Yes, I know theese two subjects aren’t really related but these two stories are about things that my kids like and since I haven’t seen them since last Wednesday, I thought it would be appropriate to share these great articles.

First up, is a story about the eighth-brightest star in the night sky and second-brightest in the constellation of Orion, Betelgeuse. It turns out that unlike the rest of his classmates, my son was able to remember the name of this star (pronounced like beetle juice).  Anyway, it seems that this star is in getting ready to collide with some time of linear filament. Check it out at “Betelgeuse Crash” by Andy Soos over at the Environmental News Network.

For my other two kids comes this amazing video over at the Mother Nature Network entitled “Blind Sled Dog Thrives with Brothers Help” via the Associated Press. It’s hard to argue that dogs are peoples best friend.

Good Night!


Green Librarian

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