Mother Nature at her best

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted more than a couple of articles but since I found myself relating to each of these articles, I thought I would go ahead anyway.

The first two reminded me of our family cabin up north and fishing.  In the first one, it seems the fish got the better part of the fisherman and it’s about time. The story is over at GrindTV from Yahoo! and is entitled “A Hooked Marlin Sinks a Fishing Boat? Well, Something like That” by David Strege.

This next article is for my dad. While I’ve never gone ice fishing myself, I know he did and so I thought this ones’ for him. It’s entitled “Fishing Is Just Not the same without a Very Cold Brew” by Joe Barrett at the Wall Street Journal.

This third one is for the game of hockey, a game my family has been following since my brother first started playing organized hockey back when he was around twelve years old. Go Blues! Oh yeah, the article is “RinkWatch: How backyard skaters are monitoring climate change” by John Platt at the Mother Nature Network.

The fourth one reminded me of a time I was outside on my way to work waiting for the bus when I saw what must have been hundreds of birds flying off in the same amazing way. It was quite a view. This article is also over at the Mother Nature Network and is entitled “Stunning ‘bird ballet’ interrupts ad shoot” by Russell McLendon.

This last one reminded me of a great book I read, The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea by Philip Hoare. I remember him talking about Whale vomit and how much it’s worth and apparently this guy got really lucky. The article is “Man Finds (valuable) Whale Vomit on English Beach” by Mike Krumboltz.

Happy reading!


Green Librarian


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  1. […] must have been hundreds while I said thousands. Anyway, it reminded me of an earlier post (see Mother Nature at her best) where I talked about seeing hundreds (but it must have been thousands). So since I was putting […]


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