Ode to a Whale

Tonight I thought I would post a poem that my daughter wrote a while ago entitled Whales:


I am a Whale

I am very pale

I am very smart

and have a big tail

I live in the ocean

Where there is a lot of commotion

I am very big

but I do not wear a wig

I live in warm water

where it is a lot hotter

I am a whale

Now what inspired me (in part) to post this poem is an article I read the other day over at LiveScience entitled “Whale-Poop Find May Fetch Man $180,000” by Marc Lallanilla. That article reminded me of a great book I read a while ago on whales entitled The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea by Philip Hoare. I seem to recall that he went into some detail about the value of whale poop. Anyway, when I came across this poem, I knew I had to post it.



Green Librarian


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