A bat that crawls and a bee that lives alone

With much of the midwest covered in snow today and since I got off work early, I decided to go through my stack of old (really old) articles and found a couple about animals that apparently go against the grain.

The first one is about a bee that likes to go solo in this article entitled “Rare Bee Species Lives Alone, Makes Nest Out of Flower Petals” by Jerry James Stone at Treehugger.

The other article is about a bat that not only likes hanging around but can also get along on the ground in  “A Bat That Crawls as Much as It Flies Shows Ancient Lineages” by Katherine Harmon at Scientific American. Unfortunately since the article is rather old (2009),  I was unable to track it down online. If I do find it available somewhere else, I will keep you posted.



Green Librarian


Update: I found the link!


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