There’s electricity is in the air

So the book I’m reading now is entitled The Spark of Life: Electricity in the Human Body by Frances Ashcroft and I must admit, it’s not a topic I thought I would be interested in but so far it’s been a really good read.  I just finished the first chapter this morning on the way to work and there is one section entitled The “Mad” Scientist that was very interesting to say the least. I’ve always been someone who enjoys history and so this section talked about how scientist all over Europe (in the early 1800’s) were working to prove that electricity existed in the human body by experimenting on human cadavers. Sort of creepy right?

Then shortly after I got to work, I came across this article entitled “5 weird things that happen after you die” by Katherine Butler at the Mother Nature Network and I thought okay, lets post it.



Green Librarian

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