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Trees of summer

I’ve loved trees all my life. I grew up climbing in them as a youngster and over the years, I’ve grown fond of taking my kids on walks throughout the area, all the while talking about the trees. My youngest son even belonged to a tree club with a couple of his first grade friends. Talk about the acorn not falling far from the tree!

Is the last year or two however, I’ve grown a little concerned as I had the tree in our backyard taken out (as it was  nearly half dead with the branches crossing over  several of the electrical/telephone wires in the backyard). I know this year, a tree in our front yard (which has already lost about a third of itself) will have to come down this spring.

Then I came across this article, “Is Your Relationship with Trees on the Rocks?” from the Nature Conservancy via Care2 and so this year I’ve decided I’ll work a little a preparing my relationship with trees.



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