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Birds, birds, birds

The kids and I were running really late this morning but then we noticed this amazing flock of black birds flying overhead so may it was okay. My youngest said there must have been hundreds while I said thousands. Anyway, it reminded me of an earlier post (see Mother Nature at her best) where I talked about seeing hundreds (but again, it must have been thousands). So since I was putting together a few bird articles just the other night, I thought here’s the perfect opportunity to post those articles.

First up is a book review for two books, Gift of the Crow by John Narzluff and Tony Angell and Bird Sense by Tim Birkhead. The article is entitled “The Games Crows Play, and Other Winged Tales” by James Gorman over at the New York Times. Ever since I read Feathers : the evolution of a natural miracle by Thor Hanson, I’ve become fascinated with birds. They are two books definitely on my list right after…

So this next article makes sense as it cover’s another book but this one about what lies under those feathers. The article is “Flights of Winged Majesty, again by James Gorman (yes, over at the New York Times) with this book entitled¬†The Unfeathered Bird by Katrina Van Grouw and again, you can just add it to the list.

Now of the birds of the world, certainly one of my (and my kids) favorites is the owl. Each year we go on an Owl walk over at our local park and so this article is appropriately entitled “The Owl Comes Into It’s Own” by Natalie Angier and yet again, at the New York Times.

Fly away!


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