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Sunny days

With this being Friday and all, I thought I would post one more article but this one is about an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen much these days, the sun. The article is entitled “Forecast: Chance of Havoc” by Kenneth Chang at (you guessed it) the New York Times. For an article on something so bright though, it does seem rather gloomy.

There’s also an amazing video of solar eruptions on the sun from March 16, 2013.¬† All this courtesy of the online Slooh Space Camera and over on the Space¬†website. It’s just awesome!



Green Librarian

Back to the future (of science)

To follow up on my earlier Future of science post, I found a couple more articles on science, one looking forward and one back. The first article is entitled “Cracking Open the Scientific Process” by Thomas Lin over at the New York Times. It talks about the current role of the web and it’s affect on scientific research. It does seem to be where it’s headed.

The second article looks back at an institution that has played an important role in science, having first been founded back in 1660 and located across the pond, the Royal Society. Like those within the scientific research community, it’s attempting to stay relevant. The article is entitled “A Redoubt of Learning Holds Firm” by Michael Powell, also at the New York Times.

Happy Friday!


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