NASCAR & physics

Sometimes it’s funny how life comes full circle. Just a couple of months ago, as the local science fair was approaching , I thought we had the opportunity to include my sons’ favorite topic, NASCAR. While unfortunately (at least for me) he decided to pass but at the time we (okay, I) had already started to look for resources and among them was a book entitled The Physics of NASCAR by Dr. Leslie-Pelecky.

So as I’m sitting here watching today’s NASCAR sprint cup race, the Auto Club 400, what do I come across but an old article entitled “NASCAR’s Screech and Slam? It’s All Aerodynamics” at the New York Times. It’s an article about the author of the aforementioned book. Now what makes this topic all the more interesting is that when her book came out in 2008, NASCAR was just introducing what they call their 5th generation car. Ironically enough, this year they’ve just introduced their 6th generation car.

So what did I do after the race? I requested the book. After all, next’s year science fair is only 10 months away!

Speeding away!


Green Librarian

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