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Sharks in the water

So for the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about writing a post on sharks and after watching Hawaii 5-0 tonight, where the story was in part about sharks, I thought okay here we go. According to recent articles like this one over at PlanetSave, ¬† “Sharks May Go Extinct Within the Next Few Decades, 100 Million Sharks Killed Every Year“, the outlook for sharks is not good.

Thankfully however, others believe that there is time such as Dr. Rachel Graham, a conservation biologist¬† In a Conversation with Rachel Graham by Claudia Dreifus over at the New York Times published last year, she says that “There still are sharks left, and so with many of the species, there is time to reverse what we’ve done to them”.

Thankfully and just recently in fact, some good news came out supporting Dr. Rachel Grahams efforts. The organization CITES (or Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) met in Bangkok earlier this month and the results were definitely in the sharks favor. Check out the article “Five Shark Species Win Protection Against Finning Trade” by Damian Carrington at The Guardian.

Go Sharks!


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