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Word of the day – Arachnid

So I got to my son’s class this morning to volunteer and unfortunately they had a substitute. For some however, it was a nice change of pace as their substitute apparently really enjoys spiders. So in his honor, I thought I would post an article or two on arachnids or spiders.

This first one comes for over at the High Country News and was written by someone else who also enjoys spiders. The article is entitled “Two Legs Good, Eight Legs Fascinating” by¬† Marian Lyman Kirst. Okay I’m not a huge fan of spiders (and neither is my son) but it’s a good read. Turns out she also got to do a little citizen science. Cool!

There’s also this article over at Live Science on the latest arachnid to be discovered, this Tarantula as big as your face in “Meet the Tarantula as Big as Your Face” by Marc Lallanilla. Talk about scary!



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