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April showers bring May flowers

Okay, the way it looks, we may just need one day of showers. The kids and I actually just bought some flower and vegetable seeds to get ready for spring but as of yet, we haven’t planted them. It’s on our agenda for this weekend but meanwhile, something that might be worth checking out as this band of storms heads our way are those storm clouds and so in preparation for that, we have this article over at the New York Times from a couple of years ago entitled “A Guide to Entice Heads Into the Clouds” by Cornelia Dean.

Now I haven’t read Mr. Pretor-Pinney’s new book yet, The Cloud Collector’s Handbook (which is talked about in the article), I have read his earlier one entitled The Cloudspotter’s Guide and it’s well worth the read. I did however, just check it out at the library and I’ll keep you posted. You can check out all his books over at the Cloud Appreciation Society website.

Floating away!


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