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The giants of the ocean – whales

Just as I was looking to post about a new book I picked up at the library the other day, The Mathematics of Life by Ian Stewart, I came across a couple of articles on the giants of the oceans and coupled with a story over at Yahoo! entitled “Dead Whale Draws Crowds to Puget Sound Beach” by Doug Esser of the Associated Press, I thought okay, here’s my topic. I’ve often felt, we’re all sort of drawn to these massive animals of the sea.

Anyway, here’s an article¬† that perhaps explains our fascination and why we are drawn to them. It’s entitled “Whales Grandeur and Grace, Up Close” by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee at the New York Times.

Like the Fin whale on Puget Sound Beach, this second article continues to reminds how much all whales, including the Fin and Blue, are in danger. It’s entitled “Growing Traffic in Sri Lanka’s Waters Threatens Blue Whales” by Erik Olsen, also at the New York Times.

To these majestic beasts!


Green Librarian